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Cuba is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world and in great demand with both the press and public. It is shaking off its image as a low budget destination with a host of new products that open it up to the high end, bespoke tours and luxury holiday market. Top international brands are looking to invest in Cuba in particular top hoteliers (Kempinski). Change in regulations have meant that new private apartments, luxury penthouses and villas are coming onto the rental market for clients. The gastro revolution that is taking over Cuba ensures great food - but you still need to you know where to go. This unique country has changed little in 50 years. Cuba has over 2000 unexplored islands. The largest Caribbean island, Cuba is famed for its Nature-National Parks-Rural Life–Culture–Art–Music–Dance–Architecture–History and revolution. Cuba is a safe destination has extremely low crime rates. Cuba offers the heady mix of SUN – SEA – SALSA – COCKTAILS – MUSIC – FUN