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"What the Esencia guides offer is a kind of hidden Cuba, a country you would never experience just by observing from the outside. I learned more about life in Cuba – from the labyrinthine politics to the new middle classes, from the film industry to the latest jokes – just from conversation with my jovial driver than from many a newspaper or book. And my guide could navigate me through the backstreets to the remote home of an artist who if he lived in Britain would probably have won the Turner Prize with his highly original videos, but who is regarded as too radical for the Cuban establishment. She could find me the newest restaurant that had sprung up the night before in someone’s house, where they served aubergine caviar and chilled Chablis by candlelight.
Lara Cumming – Conde Nast 20

"There is not much to say other than Mrs. B was thrilled by your agencies service. She returned happy and satisfied. I could even hear and see her face smiling while talking on the phone. She especially praised her guide who accompanied her on the entire stay. The hotel selection she said was perfect. Her highlight was Havana itself, although she was happy having seen other places, especially Trinidad. All over she made me very jealous. I can't wait to catch the next opportunity to visit Cuba and say hello in person to you. Thank you for your kind and professional services. You'll be sure my next partner on a Cuba request. "
SB - Independent Agent Istanbul Turkey, Oct 2013

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your team for all your help last week! I am just about recovered now but it was amazing…..we did and saw so much and I think we satisfied the group! "
A. Catchpole, Virgin Atlantic Press Trip

"Earlier today, whilst smoking a fragrant Cohiba, sipping a strong Espresso and reminiscing on a truly memorable trip, I felt compelled to write and thank you for you kind assistance with our trip to Cuba. As our first visit there we were all amazed at the slick, courteous and knowledgeable service we were proffered. It really is a fascinating island and I believe we saw a rare side of Cuba that only enhanced the experience. The choice of restaurants, bars, excursions and shows were perfectly suited to our needs and I repeat that the people on hand to escort us were a match for any VIP tour I have ever experienced. I hope I can sum it up when the night after we left, the 6 of us were sat in a typically Americanized, characterless, sterile “grand” hotel in Bermuda and each one of us wanted to turn round and fly back to Habana! Our compliments and sincere thanks to all who put in such an effort to make our visit most memorable."
D Smith, Hayward Aviation

"We just wanted to thank you for arranging our last minute trip to Cuba. Everything was outstanding. Lucy, what a nice contact. She did a wonderful job setting up the bike trip. We cannot say enough about how fantastic our trip guides, Victor and William were. We loved Cuba and will go back soon..."
Joan & Rob, Canada

"First of all let us thank you for the excellent organization. We were able to combine our cigar passion with an extremely good program to get to know more on Cuban history, culture, lifestyle, architecture, art, sport, etc. We always felt treated or even ‘pampered’ in the very best way: Alfredo as the perfect ‘front man’, Benet controlling everything, solving problems and opening all doors for us, and you, Johnny, organizing the overall program. We will of course recommend you to our friends and partners and, when we will return, we will contact you for granted!"
Warmest regards to all of you, Bruno and Urs

"Thank you so very much for organizing such an excellent time in Cuba for us. The restaurants in Havana were superb. We were particularly lucky in our driver, Jorge, who is also a knowledgeable guide and good company. Everyone provided/organized by your company was efficient and charming. The Buena vista was pleasantly quiet which was a relief! They offer Spanish lessons and my husband was the only taker so had one on one lessons for an hour each morning. Very spoilt. We packed a lot into the two weeks but all four of us had a really good experience."

"James and I just wanted to say thank you for arranging such a fantastic trip for us to Cuba. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and also the bits of Cuba that we visited. We just wanted to especially thank you for the great service provided by the team"
James and Ursula

"We wanted to thank you for the amazing experience that you provided for us in Cuba. I have travelled to Cuba many times in the past for work but did not realize the beauty of the island until you let us in on the secret locations and hidden gems. Bayamo was a beautiful and amazing surprise and we are so glad that you convinced us to go, otherwise we would have missed out on some amazing natural beauty. We were also very impressed by the knowledge and information learned from both the architectural tour and the Hemingway tour which showed us Havana’s glory from times passed. Lastly, even though Cuba is not known for its culinary delights (something I can attest to during my previous trips to Cuba), we were astounded with the restaurant selections given to us by your company. We were particularly impressed by La Guarida, with its beautiful arty interior and amazing food/wine selections. The whole experience has left us both in love with the island, and proved that there is plenty more to see, we will certainly be returning."
Medusa Management