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Cuba is a unique destination on everyones bucket list. The country offers much more than your clients realize. Extraordinary National Parks, wonderful beaches, marine parks that are completely untouched as well as all of the better known elements like Music, Dance, Art, Architecture, Hemingway, cigars and of course Revolutionary history. However it's how these experiences are managed and presented that create a wonderful relaxing, as well as stimulating visit. This is where the team at Havana Holdings excel. See the Cuban Ballet company or watch the prima ballerina in rehearsal. Don’t just visit art galleries, come and have dinner with a group of young emerging artists at the home of a celebrated interior designer and art collector. Your Hemingway tour is not just off the rack but with a humanities professor and pre-revolution era expert who takes the tour in his families' original Buick (the car still has the original engine) for a sublime few hours reliving the 1950s. Havana Holdings supplies you with a personal concierge who is on call all the time and we go out of our way to choose the most appropriate restaurants and secure tickets to the best shows and entertainment whether its contemporary dance or baseball.